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Canada is a land of opportunities, allowing people from all the world to come over and settle down, if meeting Canadian immigration requirements. Canada is the largest country in land size in the western hemisphere with a population of only 29 million people. Its form of government can be characterized as a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy. It comprises of 10 provinces and 2 territories as long as a new territory known as Nunavut in the extreme Canadian north, with Toronto (3.8); Montreal (3.1) and Vancouver (1.6) being the largest cities. The two official languages are French and English.

Canada provides the freedom of the speech, religion and has no racial conduct against colour, race, sex or social status.

Canada is a young and dynamic country where immigration is the foundation for economic growth and which brings people, customs and traditions, rituals and culture to the forefront of current Government policy.

Indeed, Canada's esteemed stature is reflected in its being a member of the prestigious economic Group of Seven and its reputation as a respected participant in world affairs.

As Canadian permanent residents you and your family can share with Canadians and take part in the continued building of one of the world's most successful economic alliances involving Canada and the United States of America, its neighbor to the south. A special scholarship program is provided by the government to help students achieve their highest degrees. World renown health care and retirement schemes, an abundance of land, clean air and fresh water supplies, all providing for a safe and secure environment.

Canada is a land of opportunity and abounds with economic prosperity, sound and affordable education options. Canada has one of the most highly educational levels through its schools and universities.

Canada has one of the most advanced public transportation, train, bus, subway and taxi. Each of its provinces has its own medical care system and hospital policy. Free medical cares are provided for Canadian resident.